Our Journey


S: Scripture-Write the ONE scripture that I feel God is using to speak to me in today’s reading

O: Observation-What might He be telling me with that scripture?

A: Application-How can I apply it to my life?

P: Prayer-What is my prayer to ask God in helping me to make that application?

Genesis 19:17

“And when they has brought them forth, they said, Escape for your life! Do not look behind you or stop anywhere in the whole valley; escape to the mountains [of Moab], lest you be consumed.”

Sometime when we ask for something we still continue to look back at what we left behind. It could be hard to give up our stuff, friends, family, money, time but we need to remember that what He has in store for us is even GREATER then what we are leaving behind. So instead of worrying about what we have left behind lets joyfully embrace what He is giving/leading us too.

Lord, I know I have struggled to allow you to have control over my life, I know I have been slow to give up the reigns. I have looked back, even though I know that what you have in store for me is better, I have been weak. Help me to be stronger. Forgive me for not trusting 100%. Amen.


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