Our Journey

A hidden Blessing

As we waited to get the van repaired.
(Oh yeah, the alternator died on us in the middle of the Jersey Turnpike.)

So anyways we decided to go eat at the little diner down the road. I was thinking about all the money we wouldn’t have now which would mean all the stuff we wouldn’t be able to do or the places we wouldn’t be able to see. (Basically it was a woe me moment.)
So just imagine my complete surprise when I saw a sign telling about tours to see WW II ships and machines. (Amazing since I walked by the same sign going to the diner and never even saw it) So I decided to take the girls over and see the museum. Phillip was concerned about the price, but a man working there came over and said it was open to the public and we could walk around and look.

A history lesson in the making.


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