Our Journey


Have evaluations become a hardship for you? Or are you someone who is got it all together?

Last year when eval time came around I freaked out, running all around the house trying to get everything ready. You know you want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression on the person evaluating you. I mean come on this is the person who says if your child actually learned something. Well not really but you know what I mean. So any how after last year I vowed to be more organized so I wouldn’t stress so much.

Low and behold it been a year and guess what time it is???

I knew this time was coming, and of course I have waited till the last minute to get ready. I finally made an appointment with our evaluator, and give myself at least a week to pull everything together. Plenty of time right? Well as we all know a week could be a long time or it can fly by, and this week had flown by for me. So I am ready to scream because I really don’t know where the time has gone and I start to freak out. I get the blinder, all the loose papers and sit down and to start this process of figuring out when this paper was done, did we do this one next or was it that one, only to find to my surprise, that apparently I was more organized then I thought. Most everything was were it needed to be and after 20 mins or so I was able to close the binders and so job well done.  Now if only the rest of the house was this organized….LOL but that’s for another day!!

Wishing Blessings onto you and yours Rainbow


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