Our Journey

Homeschool Snobs

How would you describe your child/ren?

Loving, sweet, helpful, energetic, funny, pretty, handsome, quiet,..a snob???

Snob???? Not my child!!!…right???

When we decided to homeschool, we had no idea what we were doing. We just knew that the Lord had called us to homeschool and we knew that He would provide for us. We have made lesson plans….that ended up not working so we made different ones, we bought books….didn’t like those so we changed the books, we made the “school room”…realized we didn’t need one and turned it into a game room. And of course we came across many who questioned us on our decision. So while we thought we were making the best decision for our children, we were questioned on, what we are teaching, what our schedule really looks like, how we socialize our children and even about our faith. So even though we KNEW that we were following our Lord and we KNEW that we were doing what we are suppose to do, explaining to others our decision puts us on the defense. We are defending our right to homeschool, to make that decision, our faith, our beliefs, and our curriculum.

So while we are defending our rights, what are we passing onto our children?? Do they feel the same as we do about homeschooling? Do they feel the need to defend themselves? Do they feel that they are better than a child that goes to public/private school?

Have we become (do I dare say it)…snobs????

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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