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School Calendar

I am always curious to how other homeschoolers typical days look like. What time do you start schooling? Do you have a schedule?  When do you take breaks? Do you follow the public school calendar?

Many of us want to know, a few might even ask but most of the time we don’t really ask because we then we might worry if we are doing everything right.  We are all unique and we each have a different style about how we teach, what we teach, when we teach. You way is right for you and your family, whereas my way is right for my family and me. That is the beauty of homeschooling, we are ALL right. Smile

Just because I have (at this particular moment) found the right niche that seems to be working for us, doesn’t mean I don’t still wonder about how your day, year, or curriculum is going.

So to satisfy your curiosity this is a look into our journey.

We beginning our year in January and we finish the year up in October. Yes we do school through the summer. Why, you ask? Because we live in the sunny state of Florida where the temps get way to hot for me so we decided instead of the kids being bored and driving us crazy during the summer (which happened our 1st year) we just do school. So that mean our “summer break” actually is in November and December, which gets to be a hectic time for us. With Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays our schedule gets hectic and we enjoy doing community service projects which usually will cause  disruptions in school schedules. And since the winter months are soooo much nicer, we want to be outside having fun. As for school holidays and spring break, it really depends on hubby’s schedule. We do take days here and there but we also try to schedule  mini vacations every couple of months. We typically take our breaks when everyone else is back to a normal schedule. We end up finding cheaper hotels, better wait times at the amusement parks and less crowds at area attractions.

As for our daily schedule, it really depends on the day. We tried the strict regimen schedule of being up everyday by a certain time and allotting so long for each subject, but that didn’t seem to flow very nicely in our house. Typically  I wake up and do some work(devotions, blogging, looking for curriculum supplements) before everyone gets up, then I go to the gym for about 1 1/2. When I return if the girls are not up I will wake them and we will start the day, if they are already up they will have had breakfast and done most of their chores, then school begins. We have no set order for each subject (expect Bible which is 1st), it really depends on who needs help when and when I am able to sit with them. Our subjects are Bible, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Math, History, Science, Art.

We don’t have an ending time of our day, when you finish with your work you go onto the next subject, if you stop working and get distracted and start playing I will remind them they need to get their work done. Ultimately I hold the girls responsible for their work. If they decide to goof around and school doesn’t get done during the day, well then it looks like after dinner they will be doing school.

So there you have it, an insiders look into our calendar.

So satisfy my curiosity, what does your school year look like???

Wish you many Blessings Rainbow


Comments on: "School Calendar" (2)

  1. We don’t have a set schedule here as far as daily. Sean, my older son sleeps at night. Dan sleeps from 10 AM till 7PM. He and I do school around 2AM till 6 am when Sean gets up for band practice at the local high school. Our school year is pretty much year round so we can give he kids the flex freedom they want. They work 3-4 hours a day and if they want to go swimming in the summertime, they can use that time as PE. We do a variety of work in the house on days when it’s too hot/cold outside. I find, for us, that the lack of schedule is easier. This way if we decide we want to go on a road trip, we can without someone complaining about us pulling our children out of class.

  2. I am an over planning, listing addict! So with that said I have an amazing schedule of what everyday for the next 10 years shall look like …. or better yet SHOULD look like… rarely does it 🙂

    However our homeschooling “goal” is as follows:

    Sunday : Sunday school and church
    Monday – Saturday : We plan to school every day but of course can, will, and do take any day we want to off. Sometimes we go on “field trips” that are nothing more than regular everyday trips out and about that can be chalked up to learning experiences and sometimes they’re real ones to museums and such.

    Day to day our goal is to wake up and watch tv (news and coffee for me, cartoons for the kiddos) then turn off the tv at 9. Then we do our bible work and memory work till 10. After that we move onto computer work through http://www.time4learning.com where she does her different subjects and which ever assignments I give her that day. She does 15 minutes of work, then gets 15 minutes of play, then 15 of work, then 15 of play, then 15 of work. After that its lunch time and quiet time. After quiet time we do our chores and then head outside if at all possible to play and burn the now built up energy of a 6 year old!

    hmmmm … now you have inspired me to blog this lol

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