Our Journey

It didn’t take very long before the 1st lesson to be revealed to me.

So as I sit in my chair, I try very hard NOT to jump up and micromanage everything. I seem to be driving myself crazy watching my family doing the jobs around the house that I normally take care of. You see they are NOT doing things MY way, and you know how we always think our way is the best  and only way.

So on this day I am reminded on how I need to focus on allowing others to serve me. Scary, I know!!  As a mother and a wife that is MY job…I serve. The Lord has revealed to me that I NEED to allow the girls to find their way to serve and I need to graciously accept the help and love from others. By letting others serve me, I have NOT failed! So why does it feel that way? Why is it so hard to accept help?

Lord, Thank you for sending the right people in my life to help me accept the help that I need. Thank you for sending friends that love me even when I am completely OCD and try to micromanage everything. Thank you for sending people that truly care about ME!!

What struggles have you been going through??

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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