Our Journey

Lessons at Camp

This summer I was given the opportunity to go to WOL (Word of Life) Camp, and I am so thankful that I was able to go. But when we first got there I struggled.


I am a control person. I like to know what the plan is and how we are going to carry it out. For example when I go to a new place I research everything about that place and surrounding areas so I will know where I am going. I am afraid of the unknown so I make sure I know. But camp was a big unknown and there wasn’t pictures for me to look out and when I talked to everyone I kept hearing, “It’s camp!” Well what does that mean??? Well let me tell what that meant:

Our 1st night there it was crazy with registration, it was the ultimate Hurry up and Wait game! Start at this table, then go to that table, then the next table and then another table and finally we are all registered, health checks done, activities paid for, shirts picked out, and money put into the bank! Now it was time to turn over our precious cargo…wait a moment, You mean I need to say good bye??? Crying face

I know, I know I am only up the street at the conference center but still I had a moment of panic there. Finally we get back to our rooms, as I scan the room I realize there is no TV, no alarm clock and no room darkening shades.  I start to unpack and realize my phone is dead!!!! Ok get the charger out and try to call home. (side note: I left Leann home with Phillip who had been out of work due to him having seizures which had only began a few weeks ago. I had struggled with leaving them home and going with Amber to Camp.) So when I tried calling to my utter distress the service was horrible. I had to walk outside but I couldn’t because my phone was dead and needed to be on the charger. Ok deep breath, it will be ok. Then I tried to get online to see what was going on in the world and guess what??!! NO INTERNET!!! OK I can deal with this…somehow.

Then next morning I was apprehensive, and when I went to the girls cabin to check on them I find out that Amber’s phone had gotten taken away (which we knew might happen) and then she tells me that she needed a shirt to go over her bathing suit. And that was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I broke down and started to cry and said I didn’t want to be there. The offer was made to take me home, which I ignored and sat there crying. One of my friends got mad and when I saw her get mad I thought to myself  “What right do you have to be mad??? You have no idea what I am going through!” Then the though popped into my head: No they don’t know what you are going trough, because you haven’t really told them. You just say it’s okay, I’m fine. Well I’m Not fine, and I’m Not ok!!

That week ended up being a wonderful week and I am glad that I didn’t take the easy way out. That week the Bible lesson was on Moses and getting the Israelites out of Egypt. I have heard this story a million times, I have even taught this lesson a few times, but it was a blessing to hear the Lord speaking directly to me!! I loved how each and everyday there was a new message just for me.

The Lord wanted my full attention and boy did He get it. With sketchy phone service, no TV, no radio, a phone that kept dying on me and no books to read, He had my full attention. And each day after whining to Him about all my problems I would go to Bible hour and He would send me a message each and everyday!!

That week had bathe me in Truth, Love and Prayer so that when I arrived at home and had to deal with all the medical issues at home that I would be able to lean on the Lord and know that He is in control.

Side Note: The kids had a blast, they went swimming, paintballing, rock climbing, they played games, basketball, had nature walks, scavenger hunts, jumped on inflatables and made friends with other campers. Their counselors were AMAZING and I thank the Lord that He place those kids with them.

P.S. And the food…Yep it was camp food LOL!!! Needless to say next year I will be even more prepared.

Wishing you many Blessing Rainbow


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