Our Journey

Friday Night

Tonight while cooking dinner I decided to turn on some music. Which totally blew the kids away because normally I am the one who is turning down the music and turning it off at the first possible moment I can. I blame this on the fact that I worked as a manager at the local music store for years and then music HAD to be my life so now when I can I like quiet.

I turned on the “oldie” station and started to dance around the kitchen, when we sat down for dinner we kept the music on and danced in our seats Smile. After dinner hubby and I sat in the living room listen to music while the kids played outside.

It reminded me of when we first got married. back then we lived in the country and there was no TV, well we did have a TV it just that there was no cable so we had one of those big outside antennas and we only got 2 channels. Needless to say we were not big TV people, we always had the music going.

Hubby said it reminded him of our beginning too. You know what? It was nice not having the distractions of the TV. 

What did you do on this Friday Night?

Sending many Blessings to you Rainbow


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