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The Truth behind an EEG!!

If you have never undergone an long term EEG, praise the Lord!

When you Google EEG it tells you only that it is a test that records electrical activity along the scalp. When you talk to the doctor they will tell you that it is extremely boring and to bring plenty of stuff with you because you will not be able to leave the room. They tell you that they will conduct a few test to see what might trigger your seizure.

What they fail to tell you is that family members who are welcome to stay will not be able to help your family member, you need to sit there and watch them go through this pain. You are not allowed to touch them when they have an episode, do not feed them or give them anything to drink.

When they tell you to bring things to do because you will be bored, well I don’t see how anyone can be bored when you get no sleep, your meds are taken away from you (to see what happens), and they give you tests to make you sick just to see what triggers these episodes.

So when they say they make you sleep deprived it means you will only be allowed to sleep from 2am till 6am. Just because they want to see what happens.

When they tell you they will give you a few test, it actually means that they will flash a strobe light a foot away from your face for 5 mins, to see what happens then they will make you hyperventilate yourself, to see what will happen. Next you will have to lay still without moving, opening and closing your eyes to get a baseline.

After doing these test and not being able to sleep your senses are on a super over load so doing anything else besides laying there causes pain.

A side note: These tests and interactions may not be typical. This has only been our experience.

Have you ever had a medical experience turn out to be different then you were told it would be???

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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