Our Journey

When I grow up…

When I was a kid I never thought that I would be a homeschooling Mama. I didn’t even know what homeschooling was. As a teenager I probably would have jumped at the chance to be homeschooled, no walking to school, no getting up early, lol. Honestly I wanted to be a lawyer because I enjoyed arguing and figured I would be good at it. Needless to say when I realized that I need to study and memorize laws to be a lawyer I changed my mind. I started looking into other careers but I still enjoyed debating. The thing that I realized with arguing is that sometimes we don’t listen when we are arguing. When you are arguing you are trying to get your point across, and while validating the other persons point you really are not listening to what they are saying. There have been many times that I have told my kids that if your mouth is talking your ears are not listening.

This thought came to me…what did I miss? Am I listening to my kids? What messages have I missed because my mouth was open?

Recently I realized it didn’t really matter what I wanted my kids to become, because untimely the Lord will provide them with the means to become who He wants them to become.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to do anything to help them along. As you walk this journey remember to pray, pray and pray some more. And Listen! Listen to the Lord, Listen to your heart, Listen to your kids, they are pretty smart, especially if you are their teacher Winking smile.

What did you want to be when you grew up??

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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