Our Journey


Here I am just minding my own business when evidently the conversation turns to schooling. Usually when others find out that we homeschool, we get one of these replies: “Wow, I don’t know how you do it, I could never homeschool my kids.” or “Oh, I wish we could homeschool our kids.”

How do you respond to these comments?

Lately the Lord has laid this on my heart to encourage not only homeschooler but public/private schoolers too.

There are days when we (homeschooler) wonder why we do this too, LOL. Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. There is planning, and writing, and schedules, and projects, and messes, and algebra, and biology, and smiles, and hugs, laughter and tears. There are pj days and days of crazy running around town for way too many appointments, there are library fine (which honestly just needs to be figured into the budget Winking smile ). There is Science Fairs, 4H projects, fieldtrips, sports, music lessons. There is the house that is never really clean, the laundry that never gets finished, the car/van that looks like its lived in, there are day where you just might become bald form pulling at your hair all day…but when they get, and I mean really get it, that’s the best part because you are able to be a part of that special moment. You get to see the light go on in their eyes, you get to see their excitement when the library gets the next book they just HAVE to read, you get to be a part of something very special.

With all this being said, Homeschool isn’t right for everyone. During summer camp I was reminded that the Lord has a plan for each of us, including your children. And you children are right where He wants them to be. Sometimes that is at home with you, or maybe being that Light at a public/private school. The Lord needs people to be in the world, to be that light of love, to show compassion to that child that is being bullied, abused, & ignored. Being able to put Jesus’ love into action everyday is an amazing job. Not just your kids but for you too. Making those moments count! 

There are times where others hear homeschooler and immediately think: “Must be nice to not have to get up to an alarm clock, to be able to stay in your pj’s all day, to lounge around and watch TV, talk on the phone or play on the computer all day.” I have to laugh at those who really think this way, because seriously do you really think that is how it is??? Just imagine how your weekend looks and you are running around trying to get everything done with your kids in tow, that is how we live everyday!

As a HS Mom, I have a convection to teach my children at home because this is what the Lord wants for us and He and only He has equipped me for this job. Each one of us seems to go through these worries from time to time;” “Are we teaching enough?, Did we do enough school today/this week/this year? Am I using the right curriculum? Which field trip should be go on? Is this school or how can we include this into our lessons?”

So whether you homeschool or send your child/ren to school, just remember that God is equipping you and your child/ren to do great things.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6


How are you encouraging each other?

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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