Our Journey


Do you believe in fairly tales? Do you have a special love story? Does that fairytale love story ever come true?

Our love story began 16 years ago….but you know it wasn’t always like one of those sappy Disney fairytale princess love stories. We have had some ups and some downs but we continue to work and grow together. And who doesn’t like those types of movies/books? We all want to be made to feel special, loved and cherished.

So are we doing a disservice to our children by allowing them to watch/read these stories? Will this dream come true for them or are we setting them up for failure?

Life is not a fairytale. Marriage is work, especially if you want to have that fairytale.  Why is it okay for our kids to see the fairytales on TV but we can’t show them the true meaning of marriage and partnership???

The other day a young lady was telling me that her friends had told her that her standards were too high and if she lowered them she just might be able to get a guy. So is this what we are teaching our kids? To lower their standards? Why is it so important to have a guy by a certain age? My response was NOT to lower your standards, because if your not 100% happy with that relationship then you we never be truly happy. If we teach our girls not to expect the fairytale and the romance then what are we teaching them?

How does your marriage look to your kids? Do they see you working together? Do you go on dates? Have special time with your spouse? Do your children realize that marriage is work?

Society says that if you are not compatible any longer you just have to go down to the courthouse and have a judge say that you are no longer married and then you can try again. Why are so many marriages ending in divorce? Are we teaching our girls that they need a man by a certain age or there is something wrong with them? Are they too young to be making these decisions?

You might agree or disagree with our views on dating but this is how we are raising our children: We feel that they should NOT date exclusively until they are ready to look for their husband. We believe that dating is the prelude to engagement, which is the planning stage for marriage. While dating, that is when you will find out if you are compatible, and make sure your beliefs are the same. We have no problem with guys and girls being friends, and hanging out in groups. We do not believe that middle or even high schoolers should be in an exclusive relationship. Mainly because they do not need that added stress on top of their schooling. They do not need to worried about being pressured into doing something they might not want or be ready for.

So are you living your fairytale? My fairytale wasn’t always a fairytale, but TRUE LOVE does exist. That knight in shining armor does exist. The hero that saves the day and gets the girl, really does!

Don’t let those fairytales fade away! Show a young girl, your fairytale!!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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