Our Journey

Another Chapter Completed!

Well we did it, we actually finished this school year!! So as this year ends, and I am reviewing what we did and didn’t do, what worked and what needs to be changed, I am enjoying looking back and seeing how the Lord has worked in our lives, how we have grown and matured.

Now the hard part starts….putting together their portfolios, LOL! Seriously, its not that bad, I just need to locate papers, and put them in the binder. You know every year I say I will keep on top of this so it doesn’t become a chore at the end of the year and every year I sit here and wonder where is this paper, why didn’t we finish that, oops maybe we should have done a bit more with this subject.

Do you stay on task with your paperwork? Any tips you want to give?

During this time we will also be looking at our curriculum and praying that the Lord leads to the path that He has in store for us and our homeschooling journey. Normally at this time I would have already purchased our new books and started working on next years lessons. But every time I went to get our books, I would become distracted and didn’t follow through with the purchase. There are many options out there and making sure you find the right fit for your family can be as difficult or as easy as you make it. And sometimes the Lord decides its time to  make you step outside your comfort box. I feel that the Lord is telling us to take that step, take that leap, step out of the box.

How many times have you changed your curriculum? Has your school days become boring and stale? Is it easier for you to stick with it or change everything?

Praying for you and your homeschool journey!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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