Our Journey

What Day Is It?

So here it is the end of November and I am amazed with how quickly this year has past. Since Thanksgiving I have lost days, I keep thinking that it is a different day then it actually is. “What day is today?” seems to be a frequent question around here. I wonder how many of you lose days around the holidays??

This month on Facebook I did the Month of Thanks and I am glad I did, it has helped me to remember what I am thankful for so as we get ready to enter the crazy madness of December I am reminded about what we are celebrating as opposed to who I need to compete with over gifts. I have always had a hard time around Christmas time. How many of you have a hard time with the holidays? It  seems as though as our social obligations increase during this time of the year so does our spending. Will this be a stressful holiday or will you make it simpler? As you look back on this past year, are you going to rejoice or struggle with your decisions? Did you make any changes to your routine? Do you need to make any changes?

My list of things to do is getting longer and longer and my time is getting shorter and shorter, especially if I keep losing days…if you happen to find my lost days could you send them back, LOL!! I guess I better get back to checking off the list (and No, writing this post was not on it, but maybe I should pencil it in…that way I will have at least 1 thing checked off Winking smile)

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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