Our Journey


Lately I have started actually using Pinterest for what it was designed for. This past year I have been one of those Pinners that makes lots of boards and says how cute this is or that is and how easy it would be to do this or that. Honestly though I hadn’t completed 1 Pin.

Well that has all changed! I have been crafting all month long. The only downfall is that I have done some really cute things but I can’t brag about them. So instead, I have become a little MIA. It’s so hard not tell you what I have done, but until the recipetants open their gifts you will have to wait too.

I can tell you about the Winter Wonderland themed party we had for my Gopher Buddies at our church.

This is how we “do” snow in Florida



I did try to make “snow” kinda like this:Thread cotton balls to look like snow. This would be cute to have in front of the door way or the windows. =)

But it didn’t turn out so good Sad smile so see not every craft turns out the way we want. But we had fun trying!!


The kids had a blast making these Christmas trees, thanks to Pigtails and Tutus

If you want to try and guess which crafts I have done, hop on over and check out my Boards!


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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