Our Journey

Christmas Presents

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about being MIA. Did you try to figure out which crafts I might have made?  Well I hate for you to wait any longer, so without further ado:


These little cuties took hardly anytime at all. Drying times where the longest but they were super easy and fun to make.






I made this for my darling daughter.She wanted a cool picture of her and her best friend.





074Did I tell you how much my father in law loves The Polar Express? And did you know that Sea World has The Polar Express ride that we just happened to be able to take the girls to see. So I was able to take this picture and make this for my father in law.

Since I had made a special gift for my father in law, I couldn’t forget my mother in law. So I made this up for her. 100

Did you make any of your presents? I know I can’t wait to start my new project. I’m gonna try a picture in color. And, …well let me see how it goes and then I can tell you all about it. So until then,


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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