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Saving A Few Cents

Are you a crafty person? Do you use Pinterest? Did you craft prior to Pinterest?

Crafting is hard for me. When I cook I experiment, throw a little of this and little of that. Taste it, add a little more and usually I come up with something pretty tasty. Recipes are just there for a guideline, which makes sharing with others hard because I forget to write down what I added and of course I never measure anything. I enjoy trying new things, though that wasn’t always the case.

But when I try to be crafty everything falls apart and I end up getting frustrated. First of all I expect everything to turn out perfect and think I have no artistic ability. Strange how with cooking I have no fears about adding my own brand of flavor to a dish but with a craft I get nervous and think it has to be exactly like “that one”.

Thanks to Pinterest the whole world has been invited to the secret world of DIY. For some it’s just a cool site to wish for but for some it has become an obsession a guide to crafting.

I figured I would share with you something that to me is easy and fun and helps you save money! Which I’m sure everyone will appreciate.

Regrowing Celery

imagesHow to regrow celeryimages (1)images (2)

1. Cut the bottom of the celery off. Use the rest of the celery as normal.

2. Place bottom in a bowl of water, for about 5-7 days. Change the water every other day.

3. Plant in soil and cover except for the leaf tips.

4. Keep in a sunny place and water frequently.

I have had mine for 6 months and we just go outside and snip off a couple of stalks as needed.

Did you know that there are many foods that you can regrow? Sweet Potatoes,  white potatoes, green onions, leeks, apples, tomatoes, carrot tops, pineapples, romaine lettuce, cabbage and avocados.

Which one are you gonna try?

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Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


Comments on: "Saving A Few Cents" (2)

  1. I’ve heard that it worked but just didn’t believe it… Since you’ve tried it I may have to, I also heard it worked on green onions!! ???

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