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This year we have focused on American History. I have really enjoyed teaching the girls all about how our wonderful country was built, the laws the govern it and the principles that it was founded upon.  Being offered the opportunity to review Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream by Inspiring the American Dream just seemed to flow right into our history lessons. It really complimented our lesson especially coming so soon after our field trip to a local museum to see the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit of Journey’s Stories.

 Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream tells the story of a young boy, who through his faith, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, sets out to achieve the American dream.  

The young man, Abraham goes on a journey to figure out how to raise money to help buy Christmas gifts (if your children believe in Santa you might want to skip the line about the parents not being able to buy gifts that year). Through Abraham’s journey he comes in contact with historical figures, (in the back of the book are short biographies so no need to go research them) that help him to figure out what the American Dream is all about.


So what is the American Dream? That was the question I asked the girls and they answered “To be able to do what I want and be successful at it!”  We talked about the vocabulary terms in the back of the book, I made it like a game, they had to ding in with the correct answer and they collected points for right answers, they really got into it then, I even had to come up with a few other question from the book to break the tie! The girls were pretty interested in the historical figures too. When a new character was introduced, they would stop and ask questions about each person. I LOVE when they get so involved in a story that they want to know MORE!!!!  I then asked “How did (insert historical figure)…. influence your life? Great discussions came next.
You can purchase the book for only $14.99 at  Inspiring the American Dream.
Age Range: All ages. My girls are 7 & 12 and they both enjoyed this book.

    Check out what the rest of the Crew is saying about Abraham’s Journey!! Photobucket  


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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