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READS – Review

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Recently I was given the opportunity to review READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System by EGM Educational Systems, LLC. When I first heard of READS, I was excited to see if this program would help Leann with her reading. Then when it arrived I was skeptical, the kit seemed a little basic. Leann was drawn to the magical finger, but I soon realized that it was more of a distraction than a help.

 photo reads_zps822bc9d5.jpg   The kit includes: READS Parent’s Manual, Question Cards and ring, Rewards Chart & Stickers, Magic Finger, and Reading Guide Strip, Speedy Speller, and the Reusable Storage Pouch all for on $19.95 (Prices are accurate at the time of this review) If you have more than one kid you can pick up extra supplies here.  

I’m sure you’re wondering how this all comes together. Well first thing is first, you need to pull everything out of the bag and oh and ah over everything, then we put the cards which are conveniently numbered, on the ring that EGM Educational Systems, LLC provides. The next thing to do is set up your reward chart, and seeing as you’re the one setting it up you can choose what rewards you want to do. Next have your child pick a book they want to read for 20 minutes, pick a question card and go read!! Simple really!! But wait, Leann isn’t reading so good on her own, now what???

 READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System is designed for elementary grades 1-4. It is geared mainly for children who know how to read on their own as opposed to learning to read. It can be used with any fiction or nonfiction book. READS is used as a supplemental program. READS means Really Easy And Dynamic Strategies.   

So instead of sending her off on her own, because honestly she doesn’t like to read and would probably find something else to do and by the time I remembered she was to be reading, well let’s just say it wouldn’t be a good idea! The books Leann is reading are more of the phonics books that really don’t have a story so I decided to use the program with Aloud Reading Time. I would read to the girls, or sometimes Amber would read and then afterwards we would go over the question.
This has become very beneficial to the girls, they are paying attention and asking questions instead of just lying on the couch acting like they are listening to me! I would pick the question after we had read the story so they tended to have to pay attention the whole time because they never knew which question they might get. I like how READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System is versatile. It works with any subject, picture books too. We didn’t use the Speedy Speller, seeing as Leann is really just learning to read and Amber being older didn’t need it. Amber did tell Leann, “This is really cool, once you start reading better this book will really help you! I wish I had one when I was starting to read!!”
READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System can be used for ANY student (homeschooler, public, private).

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Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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  1. Stopping by from the crew! It seems that this went well! 🙂

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