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 With so many different types of homeschooling it sometimes hard to figure out which one is just right for your family. 5days

When we started homeschooling, we tried recreating school at home, then when that didn’t work. We decided to try Deschooling – which refers to the period of time, also called decompression, when a student (and family) adjusts after leaving a traditional school setting. This period can range from a few weeks to an entire year, depending upon the student/parent’s needs. Then through a few bumps and bruises we settled on the Eclectic Approach – A method of teaching that does not rely on any one approach but rather culls the best from multiple approaches. During the bumps and bruises we found some really fun methods; Lapbooking, and Unit Studies. We used Learning thru Literature, Workbooks, Hands on Learning, Games, Visual Materials, and Computer-Based Learning.

So what is Delight Directed Learning? Merriam-Webster says:

de·light: a high degree of gratification : joy; also : extreme satisfaction : something that gives great pleasure


di·rect·ed: subject to supervision or regulation

So I would say that Delight Directed Learning is those times when we had fun  learning. But usually around that time, that pesky little voice speaks up and you worry is this enough? What would so-so say? Maybe we should be doing what (insert name) is doing!

Do you use Delight Directed teaching? What method do you enjoy the most?

What my girls enjoy the most is Lapbooking. They love it so much that recently while we were babysitting, Amber asked if she could do a Lapbook with the 2 year old. And by chance I had received a product to review on Lapbooking (keep an eye out for the review towards the end of the month) so we quickly shared our love for Lapbooking.

 We started lapbooking with Leann while doing Five in a Row, and surprise, Amber felt left out because she thought we were doing something so much cooler then her workbooks. She started begging to do a lapbook, but I thought “These are for little guys, not 3rd graders!” So I would put her off and tell her to finish her workbooks and maybe we would find something extra for her to do. Imagine my surprise when the movie Dolphin Tales came out and Homeschool Movie Club put together all these resources. Funnier still is the fact that we learned about Winter and her story about 2 years ago, and the girls still talk about all that they learned. Recently we were in the Tampa area and the girls realized that Clearwater was close by they begged to go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see Winter.

Which to me, proves the point that Delight Directed Learning surpasses workbooks in this household!! Don’t get me wrong we still do our workbooks but we also love being able to take those workbook pages and make them into lapbooks.

Check out what other methods the Crew is talking about!!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


Comments on: "Delight-Directed Teaching – Day 1" (4)

  1. adding fun to the workbooks certainly helps in the learning doesn’t it? :}

  2. I had that same thought years ago that lapbooks were for younger kids. I was doing them with my 2nd grader and my daughter then in 6th grade wanted to do it too. I told her it’s for little kids and you have more structured assignments to do.Well one day she suprised me she had done research on lapbooks and found a great alternetive Notebooking! Now in the 8th grade she notebooks for science,history,english and even spainish! A great notebooking resource is The Notebooking Fairy. My son soon lost intrest in lapbooks. it just did not appeal to him Today as a 4th grader he enjoys using online curriculum Time 4 Learning with supplements in English. For me delight directed learning is learning in a way that is intresting to that child. If they are learning in a way they enjoy they can tackle almost any subject matter.

  3. I love what Psalm 111 says about “delight directed learning,” in verse 2: “Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.”

  4. […] when I told you all about how we love lapbooking? If not check it out here. We were thrilled to be picked to check out a few lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning. We were […]

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