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I have already told you about how I didn’t think I could write, but let me tell you I just knew I couldn’t teach anything to do with poetry. I had such a hard time in high school and college trying to understand what the poet was trying to say that I just never “got it”. So when the opportunity came up to review The Art of Poetry from  Classical Academic Press I thought maybe this could be the answer to teaching poetry.

Then the fated day came, we received our package. Included in the package was the student text, a teacher’s guide and the first disc of the DVD (with Chapters 1-2).   The Art of Poetry is set up so that the student can work independently, if you buy the DVD Set, which I recommend if poetry is not your forte.  The book is broken up into 16 chapters and the schedule/timetable is very adaptable. The age range is advanced middle school and high school.

The Art of Poetry is a great program that really breaks down the compilation of a poem. The lessons start with the basics and later digs into the structure and composition of a poem. The class work for each chapter is explained completely, so if you don’t get the DVD’s you can still teach poetry with the Teachers edition. At the end of the chapter the poems are explained in detail and activates are given, you could do all or just a few, depending on how intense you are making the course. By the end of the textbook the student should have a solid base of knowledge that can help them see, feel, and understand the poets feelings and ideas and the structure of each type of poem.

I really wish my school had taught The Art of Poetry when I was in school. I am just thankful that I get to relearn so much now, as a homeschooling Mama!! I would recommend this product. Amber, who is in sixth grade, struggled at first but I blame that on myself since I was so reluctant to approach the subject of poetry.

 Here is the break down on the products.Photobucket

The Art of Poetry Bundle


The Art of Poetry


The Art of Poetry Teacher’s Edition


The Art of Poetry DVD Set

 What subjects have you been worried about teaching?

Check out what the Crew is saying about CAP!! Photobucket

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