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ABeCeDarin ~ Review

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How do you feel about teaching phonics? Since Amber learned to read while being in public school I didn’t have such a problem with it. But now Leann is a totally different picture.  Leann would rather be doing cartwheels or jumping on the trampoline instead of doing school work.GEDC0431

So when ABeCeDarian Company offered their product for review, I was like “Pick Me, Pick Me!!!”

ABeCeDarian is divided into 4 levels. It starts with nonreaders in Kindergarten and goes through to a 5th/6th grade reading level.

We received the package and of course the girls are super excited and meet the mailman in the driveway to take procession of the package. Then comes the begging of who can open it. We received levels A & B:

Student Workbook A1
Teacher Manual A1
Student Workbook A2
Teacher Manual A2
Set of 10 Storybooks
Student Workbook B1
Teacher Manual B1
ABeCeDarian Aesop   

Price: The teacher’s manuals costs $28.50, and each of the student workbooks costs $12.25. The storybook collection is a set of 10 soft cover readers and costs $21.50.

 photo studentworkbookA1_zps65d68892.jpg  photo teachersmanualA-1_zps89a4a53d.jpg  photo StudentworkbookA2_zps49b232e4.jpg  photo teachermanualA2_zpsd2f59266.jpg

 photo storybooks_zpsd70a2e5a.jpg

Prices:  The Teacher’s Manual B1 costs $25.50, the Student Workbook B1 costs $10.25, and the Aesop reader costs $2.50.

 photo workbookb1_zps7c43534e.jpg  photo teachermanualb1_zpsfc7fb5ed.png

 photo aesop_zpse1629279.jpg

First thing I take the Teacher’s Manuel and start reading the 42 pages of tiny print, well maybe it isn’t so tiny and I need to get my eyes checked, but after reading 42 pages of instructions I felt ready. I printed up the the materials needed (a free download). And set up our schedule, they recommend 4-5 times a week at 15-30 minutes a session, but we soon realized that the schedule is very adaptable. Each lesson is scripted so it makes it very easy for anyone to teach phonics. Since we have tried other phonics programs (without success) some of the lessons we were able to move through quickly, also I started Leann on A-1 because I wanted her to really get the feel of the program from the beginning.
Lessons consist of playing a word game, saying the sounds, writing the letters, and then progress in reading sentences, and spelling words. You can check out a lesson sample here.
So after reviewing ABeCeDarian, Leann is reading!! She doesn’t particularly like to read, but she is reading and let me tell you the first time she sat down on her own and read from the Bible, she had gotten tired of waiting for someone to help her read her daily devotions and decided to try to read it on her own, once she realized that she had actually read the words and understood what it had said she broke out in this big grin and said I DID IT!!!

  Check out what the rest of the Crew is saying about ABeCeDarian!!Photobucket ”Prices are accurate at the time of this review”

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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