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Progeny Press ~ Review

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Progeny Press is a family owned family ran business that combines Christian perspectives with  classic cultural literature. They produce study guides for literature and currently have 107 guides available. We were able to review  Treasure Island Study Guide, which sells for $16.99 for an instant download or CD. You can get the printed version for $18.99

 photo a64739513876c78eaae8f5_m_zpsc345c325.jpgWe received the instant download which comes in a PDF which allows the student to type the answers directly on the worksheet, which helps keep costs down with printing. But we actually printed the pages and had Amber work on them by herself, then she would share what she had learned with Leann and I. So that way Leann still felt as though she was participating with us. They recommend reading the whole book before starting the study guide. We read through the book before and reread the chapters that pertained to that weeks study guide. The guide is divided into 6 different parts by grouping the chapters: 1-6, 7-12, 13-15, and so forth. There is a separate answer guide for the parents. 

There are PreReading Activities to do and Amber had so much fun learning about the different types of money, she actually calculated what Daddy would make is he was paid in Quid, Fourpenny, Farthings, and Pieces of Eight.  Which to her was pretty cool!

Each part of the guide has a Vocabulary section, a Question section, a Thinking about the Story section,  and then a Dig Deeper section. Each part of the guide really goes into what you have read and makes sure that you understand what you read.

Amber liked how the guide was divided into different sections, so that it was easier for her to go back and review those chapters before answering the guide. She don’t like writing so much so the oral discussions we had helpedo make answering the questions easier too.

Recommended grades for this study is 7-10. Amber is in 6th grade and had no problem with doing the work. Leann who is in 1st grade was able to participate with us in the oral discussions and listening to the story when we read it.



Check out what the Crew is saying about Progeny Press!Photobucket “Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow



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