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Writing Ole School

So while learning about Sacagawea, courteously of Knowledge Quest. We came upon a few references of Captain Lewis scratching on paper and is little box of supplies. The girls were really interested in what the box contained and so when I showed them the picture from the link that was in the book. We then discussed how they used feathers and ink for writing and then of course we needed to talk about how to make the ink. Immediately a light bulb went off in the girls head.


Amber says“Wait, Mom!”, runs into the other room and returns with 2 feathers, and says “Could we use these for writing?”GEDC1409

We trimmed the tips of the feathers to form a point and Voilà we have a quill!

Of course we then had to go hunting for berries, well actually we went to the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen blackberries. We placed them in a strainer to thaw, but of course the girls didn’t want to wait so we hurried the process up a bit, I microwaved the berries for 30 seconds and they were ready for straining. We then mashed the berries through the strainer, then we added 1/4 cup of vinegar and stirred. Transferred to a small bowl for dipping.quillwriting

The girls had a blast trying out their homemade quills and ink. It was interesting to see how with the different paper the ink changed color too!

What projects have you done lately??


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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  1. How very fun!

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