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This past month we have been learning all about the Great Empires. We have been reviewing the Great Empires Activity Study from Home School in the Woods. We received the instant download, which includes the different empires starting with Egypt and goes through the USA. We printed up the timeline and the figures that go with each period.

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   Prices : Download $18.95 or a CD $19.95

Each Empire comes with a text page that gives you a overview of that particular empire. There is a projects page that directs you as to which other pages you will need to print for each day.

We used this study each day. The first week we worked on Ancient Egypt, on the 1st day we printed up everything and went over the timeline, then we read the text. On the 2nd day we did some mapping, on the 3rd day watched a documentary on Ancient Egypt, on the 4th day we did some cooking egyptcooking and then on the 5th day we made a Cartouche complete with hieroglyphs.



This activity guide is a wonderful Unit Study!! It is so easy to use that anyone could do it and it is so much fun!! The girls can’t wait until we do world history each day. Here I was nervous about teaching them about world history since I wasn’t sure about what to teach and now I don’t have to worry about it. All I need to do is print up some pages, read a bit about that empire and then do some fun hands on projects.

The weeks that followed included; Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, China. And of course they can’t wait to find out what going on with these empires; Arab-Muslims, Japan, Vikings, Mongols, England, Spain, Russia, France, Germany and the Untied States! We decided to follow the timeline and learn about each empire according to it but you could pick and choose which empire you wanted.

This guide is recommended for elementary ages. If you wanted to use it for middle school ages I would recommend using more of the Addition Reading Material list.

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“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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