Our Journey

I have wanted to do a carnival themed party for like ever and it just never seemed to work out but this year we finally had our carnival!!photo (2)I had soooo much fun planning this event, when we were finished and I stepped back to take it all in I was blown away. My hubby is the best!! You see I have the great ideas and he is the one who takes my vision and brings it to life. I just LOVE how our brains work so well together!!

photo (5) 

And you can’t have a carnival without food!carnivalfood1

We jazzed up the snacks by making these tags. I downloaded this cute circus font for free!  We were able to pick up the cotton candy at our local Dollar Tree, we already had the popcorn bags and we printed up the water bottle labels and just taped them on.

Setting up was fairly easy. We picked up primary color tablecloths from the Dollar Tree and ordered carnival decorations from Oriental Trading. We made a few games and then strung up the big prizes.

Add in a Photo Booth & Gamesphoto (8)Primary colored paper hung on the wall with balloons. Add in some props & have fun!!

photo (12) 

photo (11)Red Solo Cups and a few soft balls (we used those water balls from the Dollar Tree) are great for a Ball Toss. photo (9)

We took a piece of wood drilled 8 holes in it, glued 8 golf tees into the holes and places ping pong balls on the tees. The kids had to shoot the balls with a water gun. Insider tip: Don’t use washable paint when shooting water, LOL

photo (7)Small kiddie pool filled with water, foam fish with a magnet attached to them. (They will float). We used bamboo and string with a paper clip for our poles.  GEDC2196

GEDC2188 We printed up these signs for each station too.

Carnivals are sooo much fun!! The kids had a blast and went home with tons of prizes and lots of fun memories. As sad as it was to see 9 of my Gopher Buddies graduate and know that they are moving up, the day ended on a high note.

Did/are you planning a end of the year celebration?

Now I’m off the plan next years end of the year party, LOL yep I’m the planning type of person!!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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