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Memoria Press ~ Review

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Have you heard about all the wonderful benefits of learning Latin? Well I had and when we were given the opportunity to use Prima Latina from Memoria Press I was thrilled!! We have all heard in Science, Math, and even in Grammar, the Latin root word is…, but having never formally been taught Latin I didn’t know where to start. I was afraid I would pronounce something wrong and that I just might hinder my girls instead of helping them.

Memoria Press sent us the Prima Latina Complete Set. This set gives you everything that you need to introduce Latin, they recommend this product for grades 2nd-4th. Prima Latina is designed to be a full year study but if you used it with older students they could probably finish it up in 6 months. Leann is finishing up 1st grade and Amber is finishing up 6th grade, both of my girls worked at the same pace to help keep this Mama sane. Amber caught on very quickly, finding the DVD’s a bit too slow for her, while Leann had no problem with keeping up with the DVD’s and really needed them to help her with her pronunciations, but she struggled with the workbook. She is just learning how to read.

So how did a Latin lesson go in our house? Typically on Monday I would verbally ask them some review questions, just to get them thinking Latin, then we would watch the lesson from the DVD. We would all follow along, repeating what Leigh Lowe (the instructor) was saying. Each lesson would have a bit of a review then we would go over Practical Latin, then the Latin Verbs, Vocabulary, we would work on a Latin Prayer, and then the Derivatives. Then we would get out our workbooks to do a some exercises. I would ask the Review Questions verbally to help Leann. Then we would answer the question on the new lesson and we would do Translations. Tuesdays the girls would use the flash cards to review the vocab. On Wednesdays we would use the audio CD and do the Speaking Latin section in the workbook. We would then do the Write and Learn section, writing the new vocabulary words and its meanings, we would finish up with a fun practice. On Fridays we would review with the CD and flashcards.

The girls had such fun learning this “new” language. My grandmother was amazed that my girls were learning Latin, and wondered why we would teach them it. She didn’t realize that people still taught Latin. Others had made comments that Latin was a dead language and were shocked when the girls would actually talk in Latin. It was really fun watching others expressions when they would hear the girls recite their vocab words or practicing the prayer.  I also enjoyed watching the girls faces when we would be doing other subjects and a Latin root word would show up and they knew what it was. Seeing the connections happening right in front of you made this Mama happy!

We would recommend this product for all beginners. This product it super easy to use and very kid friendly. Children could work independently but seriously what adult wouldn’t want to learn right along with them. I loved how everything is already done for you, no need to add anything.

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Prima Latina includes:
  • 25 lessons, each including grammar lessons appropriate for primary grades
  • 5 vocabulary words with corresponding English derivatives per lesson
  • A practical Latin phrase per lesson
  • One line of a prayer per lesson that is learned in totality over 5 lessons
  • Easy-to-read, 2-color format
Price ~ “prices are accurate at the time of this review”

Prima Latina Text Set – $32.95

  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD

Prima Latina Complete Set – $90.90

  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD
  • Instructional DVDs
  • Flashcards

  Are you ready to learn Latin? Check out how easy and fun teaching Latin can be!!  See what the Crew is saying about Memoria Press!Photobucket


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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