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Finishing up Projects

Lately life has been hectic, between finishing up Gopher Buddies, trying to get school finished, doing up a few reviews, training and practicum for Classical Conversations. But through all of this we have found a few project to do. Everyone knows that I am the idea person and my wonderful husband brings them to life!!

This past week while I was away, hubby decided to finish up a few projects that we had going on and I am sooo happy!!! I love seeing my ideas coming to life!!

desk This desk we found on the side of the road. With a few modifications, it is a functional desk for hubby. He removed the bottom tower shelf and removed the slide out keyboard shelf too. He sanded the whole thing completely down and painted the legs and sides black and stained the tops.

makeupmirror Ok so please disregard the mess in the mirror, never said hubby was a photographer, lol. He also forgot to take a before picture. Ok so the mirror actually came off of dresser and the table we picked up at a yard sale. They were different types of wood. I picked up some LED lights from the camping section at one of those box stores and after painting both parts, hubby attached the lights and now it looks WONDERFUL!!!

There was one other project that hubby did but he didn’t get it finished but I knew you would want to see it!!

So we had the metal frame, from a patio swing we had gotten from one of the big box stores. It didn’t last that long but I knew we could use the frame for something. At first I thought maybe a trellis of something for the garden, but that didn’t pan out and instead the girls used it for a jungle gym. But then I was looking for something to make, to use up these pallets we got.

photo (2)

So Hubby made this:

photo (3)I LOVE that it is more of a hammock style instead of a bench swing. We will finish it up by painting it and adding a cushion for added comfort!!

Do you use Pinterest? What projects have you completed?

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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