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We have been given the opportunity to check out KidCoder Visual Basic Series from Homeschool Programming. For the last 8 weeks Amber and I have been learning all about computer language. KidCoder Visual Basic is a 2 semester course which can be bought together or separately. The 1st semester is called Windows Programming and the 2nd semester is Game Programming.

  KidCoder Visual Basic Series (6th-8th grades)

Each course comes with student activity starters, supplementary instructional documents, a Solution Guide, fully coded solutions for all activities, tests and answer keys, and guidance on evaluating projects.

kidcoderWindows Programming is a 213 page book that has 14 chapters, that will teach you the basics to writing your own computer program.   

*Window Programming starts off with a bit of history on the computer and quickly moves into the different parts of a computer. Chapter 2 is where you really start your first project with programming. Each chapter has 3-5 lessons, a Chapter Review and a “Your Turn”. In the You Turn section is where you actually get to use what you just learned about, it’s “your turn” to write a fun program.



KidCoder: Windows Programming (Course Only) – $70.00

KidCoder: Windows Programming (Course & Video) – $85.00

KidCoder: Windows Programming (Video Only)- $20.00

*Pre-Requisites for this program: Your child should be familiar with using the keyboard, and mouse. Know how to open programs and run them. They should know how to save and retrieve files. Besides that this program will walk them through the program and demonstrate each concept to building their own computer program.

You can view some sample pages and watch the demo videos and check out the getting started guide too.


Game Programming is a 238 page book that contains 14 chapters. This program will teach your child or even you how to write your own computer games. This program will build on your knowledge from Windows Programming.

*We did not make it through to the Game Program, but while looking through the workbook I noticed that the text is very kid friendly. There is a brief review in chapter one and then you really get started designing your game in chapter 2. The format of this workbook if very similar to Windows Programming and looks as though it will flow very easily.


KidCoder: Game Programming (Course Only) – $70.00

KidCoder: Game Programming (Course & Video) – $85.00

KidCoder: Game Programming (Video Only)- $20.00


*Pre-Requisites for this program:Your child should be familiar with using the keyboard, and mouse. Know how to open programs and run them. They should know how to save and retrieve files. Your child should have completed and understand all KidCoder: Windows Programming topics.

 photo KC-YP2-VCD_MED_zpsb8bc8eb5.jpgGreat news for those who have audio/visual learners. There are optional videos available. These videos are designed to help and allows your learners to be more independent during this study.


Our Thought: I really liked the program and enjoyed the fact that it was so kid friendly and that I could allow Amber to work on her own. I would recommend this program for the kid who is tech savvy or possible looking to become a little more savvy!! Amber while she had no problem following the directions given wasn’t super thrilled with actually doing computer programming. Looks like she’s not the tech savvy one in this household! She had no actual complaints on the program, it just wasn’t her cup of tea!

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“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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