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Kitchen Remodel Part 1

It seems as thought since we bought this house, almost 13 years ago, we have been working on this house. And a couple of months ago Hubby asked which room I want to do next. I replied, “Selfishly, the kitchen!” He was flabbergasted that I would even suggest the kitchen, especially since we want to add a 2nd bathroom, and we need to do some minor work in the bedrooms. With adding a bathroom we would have to move the utility room, which would mean adding a room to the house.

Fast forward a couple for months, I am out of town and hubby has to cook in the kitchen for the kiddos. Being as this is a rare occasion, me being away and hubby cooking, he was surprised with how dysfunctional our kitchen is. I came home and he started complaining explaining to me about why our kitchen doesn’t work. There is no counter space, it is to hot, on and on. Needless to say the kitchen was the next project we started!

IMG_0986Before Dining Room looking into Kitchen.

IMG_0980 Kitchen: Notice the water stains on the ceiling!

Did I forget to tell you that the roof had started leaking??

That helped to start this project off to quick start!

IMG_1007This is what happens when your roof leaks!

IMG_1021IMG_1026  So we decided to take out the wall that divided the kitchen and dining room.

And ended up with this:IMG_1031


WOW, look how big it looks!!!

Still a work in progress, but we no longer have a leaky roof, but the insulation and drywalls not up either. Between hubby working full time, going to school full time there isn’t much time left over. But we enjoy working together and hopefully my Christmas present will be a completed Kitchen!!


Do you have any home improvements going on? Would love to hear about them.

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Comments on: "Kitchen Remodel Part 1" (1)

  1. Wow, I am impressed you all are tackling such a huge project! Looks like it is going to be great! We are looking forward to the day we can build a house once out o f the military way of life.

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