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WL Journal Day 3

My typical workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday : Cardio Day – I usually walk with a friend about 3.5 miles

Monday – Thursday – I am normally at the gym. The variation is that I do 2 days of total body and 1 day of Arms and 1 Day of Legs. Which day decides on what we start with on Monday. So this week I plan to Start with Arms, so the line up will be:

Monday – Arms

Tuesday – Total Body

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday –  Total Body

Friday – OFF because of CC

Saturday – OFF because I need a day to myself 🙂


Now that you know the schedule, I plan on only updating my Journal on Thursdays 


Helpful Tip

Remember to follow you work out with fuel for your body!! Get a serving of protein and a fruit and drink plenty of water!!


How are you getting protein into your diet??




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Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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WL Journal Day 2

So today is Arms!! And I am super glad, between the coughing and sneezing from these pesky allergies my poor abs can’t take any more!!

The Workout


Meal Tip

Measure your food – that way there is no doubt to how much is the right amount!!

Protein 2-3 oz. – Beans ½ cup, Nuts ¼ cup, Peanut Butter 2 TBSP

Carbs ½ cup

Veggies as much as you want

Fruits small sized




Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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WL Journal Day 1

The Plan

Workout 5 days a Week

Eat 6x a Day

Meal Plan


Ok so lets be honest, you gotta eat healthy foods or else this really won’t work!! If you only workout and don’t eat right your not gonna have the success you want. Same as if you eat right but don’t workout!

When we eat every 2-3 hours a day we are telling our bodies that we are not in a famine and that more food is coming. Your body then responds by using the nutrients that it needs and flushing the waste.

The Workout

intervalIf you workout alone and timing is a pain then do 20 each.


No excuses – I have a head cold and I still worked out!!


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Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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When I started this blog I never thought I would be posting about weight loss, healthy eating or exercising. I mean come on those subject are kinda taboo to someone who is overweight. We talk about it all the time, but we never really do anything about it. We know we need to eat healthier, and we need to get moving to burn those calories but really what are we doing??? I have tried numerous diets, I have counted calories, counted points,  measured my food, I have exercised 2 hours a day, I have joined clubs, read books and still have failed with my weight loss. A lot of us have the same struggle. And the worst is when someone we know starts losing weight because then we NEED to know what they are doing and hope/pray that it will work for us too, but surprise surprise it doesn’t!! Why????

Well, because we are all different!! And what works for you might not work for me.

My advise: Do what works for you!! And own it!!

The Basics:

1 pound of fat = 3500 calories

*So in theory if you reduced your calories by 500 each day you should lose a pound a week

Measuring your Food helps you to control the actual calorie intake.

*But what happens when you go out?? Do you bring the measuring cups with you??

30 minutes of activity a day helps you burn more calories


Here is some inspiration:

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So why am I sharing all of this? Because for me I don’t want to be hiding anymore. I want you to know that I have decided to change my life and honesty is the best form of accountability. One way I can be accountable is to share with you my workouts and eating tips. Maybe some of it can help you and maybe none of it will work but it will be what I am doing and what I have my family doing.

I will be posting workouts, recipes, and helpful tips and hopefully encouragement to others in my Weight Loss Journal.

Today’s Workout:


Chime in and tell what works for you!


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Fitness Challenges

Have you heard about the 30 day squat challenge? You know the one where you start with 50 squats and end with 250? About a month ago, I saw a picture about it on Facebook, but the picture that went with it was pretty inappropriate. I thought I wanted to try this challenge but there was no way I was gonna look at that picture each day. I decided to make it into a calendar which makes it easier for me to check off each day. I like the calendar format, it helps me keep on track and its easier to see “where” I’m at!!

Today is day 29 for me which equals 240 squats. When I started I honestly never thought I would make it this far. Would you like a copy of my version? 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Last week it dawned on me that once this challenge is over, what then??? So I kinda looked at myself and asked what is it I want to change? And I decided that I needed to work on my abs. So I made up a new 30 Day Ab Challenge. I will start my Ab challenge once I have completed my squats, and then I was thinking after 30 days of squats maybe I should keep up with some of them but I haven’t decided how many as of yet!


I will be starting the 30 Day Ab Challenge on Sunday the 19th! Do you want to join in?

What fitness challenges are you doing???

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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A Small Backslide

True Story: So last week I got a touch of the stomach flu, well normal people would refrain from eating to help settle their stomach but not this chick, I thought if I keep trying this and maybe that I would find that one thing that would make me feel better!! Surprise Surprise when the only thing that accomplished was me gaining weight 😦 So Monday night I show up for FP4H(First Place 4 Health) and do my weigh in and I am exactly the same weight as when I started 7 weeks ago. Bummer!!

Ok so here’s the fork in the road: I can either bemoan the fact that I gained weight and go back to eating and not exercising because you know this just isn’t working or I can pray about it and continue on the path that the Lord has told me to do. Guess what I did!!


Well…I did BOTH! I had to bemoan for a bit but then I said wait a minute, Why did I gain the weight? What did I do different? Was I listening? The answer is I gained the weight because I was thinking that food was going to heal my stomach and make me feel better (haha), and NO I wasn’t listening. The Lord allowed me to go through this mini struggle/backslide to remind me that He’s got this, I don’t need to worry.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 107.9 “for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” and of course I was reminded of “I am allowed to do all things, but not everything is good for me to do! Even if I am free to do all things, I will not do them if I think it would be hard for me to stop when I know I should.” 1 Corinthians 6:12.

So my little struggle helped me to see that this journey I am on isn’t about weight loss (though the result will show some) but mainly about trust and following directions (for a type A personality this is a bit hard).

So I prayed and I listened and then I got on the scale this morning and surprise surprise….the weight I gained isn’t there and I actually lost an extra pound.

Are you trying to get healthy? what changes have you made?

One helpful tip someone told a group of us was that she need to “see” the weight coming off so she got 2 containers and in one of the containers she put 1 marble for each pound she wanted to lose and in the other container she was gonna put the pounds that she lost. I thought this was a cool idea so I decided to do the same. I rummaged in the closet and found these pretty candle holders. IMG_20130208_103110[1]

Then I went to the local Dollar Store and picked up some pretty blue glass stones.   IMG_20130208_103237[1]How are you keeping tract of your weight loss?

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

Check out what others are doing about getting healthier!!


Wake Up Call

When people find out that I am a vegetarian they ultimately say, “I could never do that!” Honestly when I started my journey to get healthier I had no intentions to become vegetarian either.

To give you a little bit of history my father at the age of 53, had a stroke. When I received the phone call that he was in the hospital, I dropped everything and raced to the hospital. After being there a week they released him and I started making noise about eating better and exercising, but didn’t put anything into it. Then a few years later I receive a phone call saying my mother was being transported to the hospital, they thought she had a heart attack (she didn’t) but her carotid arteries where blocked and need surgery. I am very lucky to still have both of my parents but after my mom’s surgery I started really looking at how we ate, and at our family’s medical history. Needless to say it wasn’t that great.

I knew I needed to make changes but I didn’t know where to start and it seemed very daunting. I meet a few wonderful ladies who never judged and quietly chipped away at my ignorance about what I was doing to myself. I am so thankful that the Lord placed those women in my life. He knew I was gonna need them to help give me ideas, support, and love.

Through LOTS of prayer and LOTS of research (because I just NEED to know) I was able to make changes to my lifestyle. No it was NOT easy and it still isn’t!!! I make mistakes, I get frustrated but overall I strive to make this body a temple that is worthy of my Lord.

Helpful Tips:

  • Don’t try to be perfect from day 1!!!
  • Drink plenty of water, and when you think you drank enough, drink some more!! Most of us are dehydrated and never know it.
  • Try new things!! It takes us 15 times of trying something to actually get use to it.
  • Remember there is no contest, no race to be perfect. Experiment, try different spices, and try different approaches. For example if you fry your food a lot, try baking, or grilling once a week, then try it for twice a week and so on until you rarely even fry any foods.

Are you ready to make changes to your lifestyle? What changes are you making?

Wishing you many Blessing Rainbow