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Finishing up Projects

Lately life has been hectic, between finishing up Gopher Buddies, trying to get school finished, doing up a few reviews, training and practicum for Classical Conversations. But through all of this we have found a few project to do. Everyone knows that I am the idea person and my wonderful husband brings them to life!!

This past week while I was away, hubby decided to finish up a few projects that we had going on and I am sooo happy!!! I love seeing my ideas coming to life!!

desk This desk we found on the side of the road. With a few modifications, it is a functional desk for hubby. He removed the bottom tower shelf and removed the slide out keyboard shelf too. He sanded the whole thing completely down and painted the legs and sides black and stained the tops.

makeupmirror Ok so please disregard the mess in the mirror, never said hubby was a photographer, lol. He also forgot to take a before picture. Ok so the mirror actually came off of dresser and the table we picked up at a yard sale. They were different types of wood. I picked up some LED lights from the camping section at one of those box stores and after painting both parts, hubby attached the lights and now it looks WONDERFUL!!!

There was one other project that hubby did but he didn’t get it finished but I knew you would want to see it!!

So we had the metal frame, from a patio swing we had gotten from one of the big box stores. It didn’t last that long but I knew we could use the frame for something. At first I thought maybe a trellis of something for the garden, but that didn’t pan out and instead the girls used it for a jungle gym. But then I was looking for something to make, to use up these pallets we got.

photo (2)

So Hubby made this:

photo (3)I LOVE that it is more of a hammock style instead of a bench swing. We will finish it up by painting it and adding a cushion for added comfort!!

Do you use Pinterest? What projects have you completed?

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Father’s Day

A couple of weeks ago my Gopher Buddies ended for the summer and since we are not there for Father’s Day we make up the gift early. We don’t want the Dad’s to feel left out. Ms. T was out and I had to come up with a craft on the fly. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to come up with this nifty gift for the Dad’s!

IMG_0551I got this Pop for “Pop” – Printable Coke Can sleeve and printed them up! (wish now that they were in color)

I made the Daddy tag in a Word Document, after seeing this idea! Got a couple of bags of Reese Pieces and a case of Coke. Wrapped a yellow ribbon around the container and cut out a few yellow circles for the kiddos to write a special message to Dad!

Last week was Father’s Day, did you try your hand at making anything?

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Dance Party

So the end of the year for my Gophers has come and I wanted to have a little bit of fun with them. Last year we did a Drive In Movie Theater, 579390_4128270725264_1096904887_n

and this year there had been a bit of confusion on what we would be doing for our Award Ceremony but in the end we finally figured it out.

We decided that our last night would be a Glow in the Dark Dance Party!! So I knew I need to black out the room, and I had access to a couple of backlights, so add in some glow in the dark paint, choose the music and then we have some fun times.

Then I figured let’s see what Pinterest had for a Glow in the Dark Party and I came across GLOWING Pasta Necklace. I had such fun looking over all the cool stuff that she had on her website. I’m thinking I might have to add a few GLOWING elements to Amber’s next birthday!!

We had fun getting the noodles ready for the kids!!968877_10201261263793810_1596585268_n 

Glowing Noodles

1 Box of Noodles (Ziti, Rigatoni, Penni)

Neon Paint

Rubbing Alcohol

Dump noodles into a gallon size Ziploc bag, add 3 Tablespoons paint, and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Close the bag and mix. Make sure you coat all the noodles, I then opened the bag to make sure everything was well coated. I added more paint (not sure how much just kinda eyeballed it) About 1/2 a bottle ended up going into the bag. Mix well again and then pour out onto a sheet of wax paper. Let dry. After about 2 hours I flipped the noodles over so the bottom half could dry.

I’m gonna have the kiddos string these noodle on white yarn and voilà we have glowing noodle necklaces.


We made up a few signs to hang on the walls too!!photo

Are you planning a End of the Year Party? What theme are you doing? Stay tuned in to see what we have done for the Award Ceremony!!


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Writing Ole School

So while learning about Sacagawea, courteously of Knowledge Quest. We came upon a few references of Captain Lewis scratching on paper and is little box of supplies. The girls were really interested in what the box contained and so when I showed them the picture from the link that was in the book. We then discussed how they used feathers and ink for writing and then of course we needed to talk about how to make the ink. Immediately a light bulb went off in the girls head.


Amber says“Wait, Mom!”, runs into the other room and returns with 2 feathers, and says “Could we use these for writing?”GEDC1409

We trimmed the tips of the feathers to form a point and Voilà we have a quill!

Of course we then had to go hunting for berries, well actually we went to the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen blackberries. We placed them in a strainer to thaw, but of course the girls didn’t want to wait so we hurried the process up a bit, I microwaved the berries for 30 seconds and they were ready for straining. We then mashed the berries through the strainer, then we added 1/4 cup of vinegar and stirred. Transferred to a small bowl for dipping.quillwriting

The girls had a blast trying out their homemade quills and ink. It was interesting to see how with the different paper the ink changed color too!

What projects have you done lately??


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Talented Friends

Wednesday nights I help to run our preschool program at my church and I have some very talented women that help me. Last Wednesday night our art leader decided to make a Valentine with our kiddos since she would be absent for our party next Wed.


Have you though about what you are doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you making your own Valentine’s?

Back to this super cute Valentine the kiddos made. They used the verse John 3:16.


  • They printed out the verse, and glued it to a cardboard tube.
  • Glue a foam piece to the bottom.
  • Add tissue paper to inside the tube.
  • Take 2 pipe cleaners and twirl around a pencil and add red beads.
  • Add a rose and a sparkly heart on a stick to the tube.
  • Add some lollipops.
  • To make it a gift put the vase in a clear plastic gift bag and tie a bow around it.

I can’t wait to see the kids faces when they get to open their card that I am making them.


Bubbles Valentine’s Card

Gumball Machine Valentine

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

Christmas Presents

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about being MIA. Did you try to figure out which crafts I might have made?  Well I hate for you to wait any longer, so without further ado:


These little cuties took hardly anytime at all. Drying times where the longest but they were super easy and fun to make.






I made this for my darling daughter.She wanted a cool picture of her and her best friend.





074Did I tell you how much my father in law loves The Polar Express? And did you know that Sea World has The Polar Express ride that we just happened to be able to take the girls to see. So I was able to take this picture and make this for my father in law.

Since I had made a special gift for my father in law, I couldn’t forget my mother in law. So I made this up for her. 100

Did you make any of your presents? I know I can’t wait to start my new project. I’m gonna try a picture in color. And, …well let me see how it goes and then I can tell you all about it. So until then,


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow