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A Confused Garden

Here in Florida winter seems to have been MIA. So my lovely garden is a bit confused. We have tomato plants flowering, and 1 little tomato growing,


Pepper plants still giving numerous peppers every couple of days,


This baby is actually 3 years old and still giving us peppers, notice the white flowers!

Our celery is still going strong too,






Not to mention these beautiful Tiger Lilies that we found in the wood a couple of years ago and we transplanted in the front of our house.



So with winter hiding out, thinking and planning our spring garden has been put to the back burner, but I did put in my order to hubby for some new planter boxes. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have the boxes done and will have filled them with some of my very own “Black Gold”. Now I only have to figure out what produce we will benefit from the most.

What’s in your garden? Are you ready for spring planting?

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