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ARTistic Pursuits – Review


Are you artistic? I am not, even though many of my friends believe me to be crafty, my success with crafts comes from being able to follow directions and having the right people who can pull off my grand scheme ideas! So I wondered, “How am I going teach Art to the girls?” Have you wondered the same thing? I have the answer, ARTistic Pursuits, a comprehensive art program, designed to involve the child in the creative process while developing observational skills. I got to review,the NEW 3rd edition Middle School 6-8 Book One: The Elements of Art and Composition.

PhotobucketCan I just tell you that when this book came in the mail, there was actual shouts of joy and jumping involved, and we hadn’t even opened the book!

Middle School 6-8 Book One: The Elements of Art and Composition contains 16 units with four lessons per unit, each unit includes an exercise in creativity, art history and appreciation, techniques, and exploration of various subject matter. The lessons are written in a manner that allows Amber to work independently. The schedule in the book recommends that you schedule Art twice a week and lasting a hour each time. But Amber wanted to do Art every day, so we scheduled it for four days for about 30 mins each lesson.

Thankfully we had most of the supplies, but don’t worry you can order them from ARTistic Pursuits too. 

Amber was so excited to start. The title of Unit 1 was Space, a lesson on maximizing as much space available. She was not happy with the Lesson 1’s outcome of her picture(she wouldn’t even let me post it) but by lesson 3 she was happy and doing wonderful. Top left is her rough sketch and top right a detailed sketch. The bottom left is from Unit 2 a quick sketch of my Tiger Lilies. I thought she did a great job!!


ARTistic Pursuits has books for preschool through high school, each $47.95 which you can order here.

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