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Good Bye Summer

July 31st already??? Wow! Where has the summer gone??


Are you still in summer mode or are you vamping back up for school mode?

This week we have started the planning of our school year. Thankfully with doing Classical Conversations it makes my job super easy.

This year LeddyBug will be doing Foundations with a brand new community!!!

Being a part of CC is been such a blessing to this family. First of all it is super easy especially for an over planning mama like me. And the bonus, we get to hang out with our friends doing fun games and activities once a week (for school)!


This past week I went on CC Connect, an online at home file sharing site, and started browsing what others have been sharing and trying to figure out what we would be incorporating into our day. Picture 1 is all the wonderful stuff I found and Picture 2 shows how simple our notebook looks like.

Last year I had divided our notebook by subject. It was easier for me to print everything and keep it organized, but we soon realized that the big binder intimidated LeddyBug. I had to take each week’s work out and put it into another folder for her and then transfer it back. Needless to say papers got lost, torn and crumpled. This year we decided to divide our notebook by weeks.

I searched for numbered tabs that go 1-24 and could not find them but I did find some that go 1-12 and since CC has 2 semesters I just divided it for Fall and Spring, like the Challenge program does. Now LeddyBug just has to open her notebook and look for the week number and do those sheet in that week. (I’ll let you know how this works for her)

CC Connected Users:

If you are on CC Connect or C3 as some call it, check out these users for great ideas!!

melodystroud – Small memory flip book

mrosser – Tri – board sheets

sheriellis – Notebooking pages

tara504 –English and Science worksheets and Blackline Maps

fidesformata – Science worksheets


Blogs that I follow for CC:

Half-a-Hundred-Acre Wood Brandy has tons of resources to help anyone looking to do CC.

Classical Conversation at Home – Beth has great resources too!!

There are tons of other blogs that have CC helps but these 2 are my main go to. Brandy also has a weekly link up on her page that others can chime in with ideas and helps. Go check them out!!


The question I get the most though is, What does your schedule look like?

schedule board This is LeddyBug’s Schedule (3rd grade)


As for Amber, well that will be another post. Hope I answered some of your questions. If not, leave a comment and I will answer!


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Teaching with Classical Conversations

This year we switched up our curriculum. We decided to go with Classical Conversations!! Last year we went to our first informational meeting and as soon as hubby and I left we were driving home and I asked hubby, “So what do you think?” I was so nervous that he wouldn’t like it, I had done so much research on CC before the meeting and after I just knew I wanted the girls to use CC. Thankfully he was on board too!! He loved what he had heard and the rest is our new journey!!

I believe so much in Classical Conversations approach to teaching that I decided to take the plunge and become the Challenge A Director!!

This week marks week 5 for our Challenge program and week 4 for our Foundations program. After a month of getting use to the schedule and becoming familiar with all the products, we have settled into a nice routine. The girls are enjoying CC so much, that they have even done school on weekends, just because they wanted to.

For fellow CCers I wanted to share what is helping us!!

IMG_1408 Here is our Weekly Timeline Board- We bought the board at Wal Mart and used double sided tape to attach the sheet protectors.  And of course we had to add a few flowers.  We got the idea from Brandy at Half-a-Hundred-Acre Wood.

We use this everyday for our review and it helps Leann to “see” what we are talking about! It folds up easily and goes behind the bookcase when we are not using it. We also made a binder with all weekly sheets divided into different subjects.

IMG_1383This is our Travel Memory Book – We printed up these weekly review sheet that we found on CC Connected! Search for user sarasmommy06. We then cut the sheet and put them into a cute photo album for light weight travel option! IMG_1384

We have used this while we are on the road for field  trips!!

IMG_1409We purchased these small binders and sheet proctors for our Timeline Cards.


We put together this Notebook – filled with lots of goodies found on CC Connected! We got this cover and planner pages from Brandy also!CC Notbook 4These Skip Counting Sheets for Math we got from  CurrClick!ccnootbookWe added tabs for each subject. This is gonna come in really handy for evaluation time 😉

 CC Notebook 3 After a couple of weeks, I realized that the Binder was a bit overwhelming for Leann.  So instead I decided that each week, I would put all of her work for the upcoming week into her folder (She Loves Agent P) along with a sticky note with her other work that she has to do each day.

With the Foundations Program we have to add Math, Reading, Language Arts, Spelling. And then we add in Music, Crocheting, and Piano.

For the Challenge Program, since it is a complete program there isn’t very much to add. Amber does voice lessons, 4H, Crocheting and Piano also.

Since we have a smaller class we have introduced a few games for reviewing.

If you are interested in CC check out their website and find a local community to go check out. Local folks check out our CC Community – CC of Sebring!!

Hope to see you there!!

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Classical Conversations ~ Review

Logo photo classicalconversationslogo_zps461acbc8.jpg Do you teach your kids cursive writing? I know there has been many discussions on whether or not children need to learn the ancient art of cursive writing and this has sadden me because I do not feel that learning cursive is a waste of time. We have had the opportunity to review  PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing from Classical Conversations this past month. I was very excited to get picked for this one, Leann had been hounding me to teach her “how to write like sissy”!

Words and Drawing photo classicalconversationswordsanddrawing_zpsc37d2110.gif The book is $12.99 and is recommended for use of 5-10 years old.

PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing has 3 parts: Part 1 is Letters, Words, and Scripture; Part 2 has Writing Numbers in Cursive, and Part 3 is Tricky Letter Combinations in the First Chapter of James. All of the scripture is taken from New King James Version.

  The first part of the book has the child practice writing a letter from the alphabet, a word starting with that letter, and then a scripture verse. The second page is a drawing page where they draw different shapes and eventually has them drawing animals. The second part has them writing the numbers and a verse and the third part shows them how to connect those tricky letter combos and then has them practicing from the Book of James.

Being part of a Classical Conversations community is not necessary to use this book, but the basic drawing lessons are taught in the Foundations class. This is a great resource for building fine motor skills, logical progression and it also helps with basic writing skills and reading rules. Children will start to notice capitation, punctuation, nouns, and sentence structure.    

One of the things that I absolutely loved was how easy this program was for Leann to follow. She was able to grab her workbook and do the 2 pages that I assigned to her each day. If she ran into a problem with how to form a letter we would review on the dry erase board.   Leann thought it was really cool and since each lesson was short and “easy” she had no problem doing them each day. Leann is my wiggly child, so getting her to sit and do seat work is sometimes difficult. These lessons are very wiggle kid friendly!!  We definitely recommend this product!!

Check out what the Crew is saying about Classical Conversations!! Photobucket

“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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A New Journey

Drum roll please!!

So if your friends with me on Facebook then you all ready know my great announcement, but if you are not or maybe you missed it, then without father ado,…..I have been contracted to be the Director of Challenge A for our local Classical Conversation Community!!!!!

YEAAAAA!!!!2011 Independence Day Celebration at York Field. File photo

So what is a Director of Challenge A??? Good question. Let me get back to you on that, after my training, lol 🙂 no no, actually I have gotten that question already and if you haven’t looked into Classical Conversations (CC) then I urge you to check it out. What a wonderful concept!!

Oh my job, that’s right I was telling you what I will be doing. So in the greater scheme of things, we (the CC community) will meet once a week and I will be the guide, the tutor, the leader, the director of wonderful discussion on my different subjects. I will be with the kids that are 12+ (for conventional thinkers 7th grade). If you would like to learn more about CC or maybe visit a local community check out their website.

I am super excited to begin this next chapter of our homeschooling journey!! Each year gets better and better. I honestly couldn’t imagine living our lives any other way.

There is one other bit of news that I am patiently waiting to hear back about. I know that the Lord has a wonderful plan just for me, so as I sit here anxiously waiting to hear back, I am reminded that this is all on HIS timing not mine!!

So what’s going on with you?? Anything new and interesting happening??

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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