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At Home in Dogwood Mudhole ~ Review


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 This review was one of the easiest reads I have had all year. Normally the reviews I have done have been for the kids and while they have been fun, having something to read just for fun was well FUN! I received  Franklin Sander’s first book Nothing That Eats! in the three part series  At Home In Dogwood Mudhole! After reading this teaser I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book.

Excerpt from the back of the book: When Y2K looms and modern life fails to satisfy, Franklin Sanders and wife Susan go from nuclear family to multigenerational farm. Despite Susan’s admonition that they acquire nothing that eats, they gain dogs, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, ducks and sheep. Their children move back in and bring their spouses, filling Dogwood Mudhole with grandchildren. It’s no Green Acres, but through sheer persistence and good humor, they learn to farm.  

 photo Franklin_Deal-300x451_zpsb3f59745.jpg  The biggest surprise for me was that Franklin Sander’s writes this book in a series of letters instead of in a storybook format. He tells us in the preface that He wrote these letters once a month for sixteen years recounting his family’s news for The Moneychanger, which is his monthly newsletter.    Another thing that I enjoyed about this book is that there are plenty of pictures and hand drawn maps to help you to relate to the family. Unfortunately some of the entries didn’t seem to flow just right for a book, while I’m sure they really worked for a monthly newspaper, reading them back to back in the book did confuse me sometimes. I also LOVED that he supported “roadside joints, mom-and-pop, family- and real people run businesses that he patronized” , he would give addresses and phone numbers that that readers can experience the charm of the south too!   We start this journey in June of 1995 and one of the last entries takes us to September 2002. We learn about his family and the family pets, we go on family vacations, see how they participate in civil war reenactments. After dealing with the IRS and Y2K looming right around the corner, what’s a family to do?  I hope you get your own copy of this book and see how the Sanders deal with Y2K and farming life!!   How did your family prepare for Y2K?  Nothing That Eats is available in paperback for $22.95 or $16.95 Kindle/ePUB/PDF

Volume Two: Best Thing We Ever Did is also available in paperback for $22.95 or $16.95 Kindle/ePUB/PDF

    I would recommend this book for teens and adults!     Check out what the Crew is saying!!Photobucket “Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”



Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Ed Douglas ~ Review

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We were picked to review Ed Douglas Publications, 25 Truths. Ed Douglas, the author, wrote his third book titled 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us, as a guide book to help mange your life with 25 simple truths, that when followed can “lead to a happy and fulfilling life!”

This 150 page soft covered book is a easy read for teenagers and adults alike, recommended age is 6th -12th grade. You can go at your own pace, a truth a day or maybe a  truth a week, it is recommended that you stay on each truth until you have fully incorporated it into your life. Each truth is numbered and titled. Each truth is divided into 3 sections; There is a short quote or verse from the Bible, Each truth is explained and examples given in a few short paragraphs. A summary is given, and then a Workshop which is questions and discussion area.

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 Price: $12.50

How we used this book:

I read this book first, then I had Amber, age 12, read it on her own. She would do a truth a day as part of her quiet time in the mornings. After she completed the reading we would then discuss each truth and how it applied to our lives and how society has changed and why these truths are important.   Some of the examples might not be appropriate for every family. For example, truth 3 talks about extramarital affairs.  

Amber’s comments on the book: “I thought the book was good!! If more people followed these simple truths the world would be a better place!!”  

I felt that this book would be a wonderful reminder for our youth, which was one of the reasons I was excited to be picked to review this book. These 25 simple truths are a great reminder so that we can be better people. Having a almost teenager, and seeing what some of her friends post on social medias has had me cringing. Truth #3 “Watch What You Say, Do and Write” has special meaning with all of the social media that is out there. I especially like the summary: “Live life expecting that everything you say, do, or write will come out in the open.”

While some might look at this book and think these truths are too simple, I feel that this quick and easy to follow guide that is coming from someone other than the parent, friend of a parent, family member or even a church leader might make a bigger impact on our youth. And you as the parent might just be surprised on how these 25 Truths will help to change your life too!!

I would recommend this book!! You could also use it with younger kids. I would recommend reading it yourself and then paraphrasing it for the younger kids.

Check out what the Crew is saying about 25 Truths!!


“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Motherboard Books ~ Review

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 Have you ever tried to build a web page? It could be frustrating if you haven’t ever done one. But don’t let that discourage you, because we were blessed to be able to review Let’s Make a Web Page from Motherboard Books and I’m gonna tell you all about it!

I was really excited to try this product out, being a blogger and all, I figured it might come in handy. I wasn’t sure if the girls would be on board or if this would be a Mama product. The girls enjoyed learning about making a web page.

We received the Let’s Make a Web Page E-Book. It is a relatively short book, only 60 pages, intended to be read and used for kids 8 and up.This step by step instruction guide is easy to follow and you don’t need to have had any prior knowledge. We did need to download a the free trial version of CoffeeCup software, which is compatible with Windows XP and later (sorry Mac is not supported). All this for only- Price: $19.95

Let's Make a Web Page logo photo motherboardbooks-letsmakeawebpage_zpsc51e735a.png

“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”


I was sent the link for the book and I downloaded it to my computer and since I wanted to save on paper and ink, I just read it and had the girls follow along on their computers. First I downloaded CoffeCup (I was a bit nervous about the girls actually downloading anything) on both of their computers. Then I read each chapter and we would work on each section together.

Table of Contents:
Introduction for Parents
Lesson 1: An Interview
Lesson 2: Download and Set Up the Program
Lesson 3: Add Text
Lesson 4: Make a Table
Lesson 5: Add Photo
Lesson 6: From the Internet, Add Animations
Lesson 7: Browser Check, Backgrounds, Photos
Lesson 8: Sound
Lesson 9: Links
Lesson 10: Post Your Work
Appendix: How to Upload to the Internet

 Lesson 1 talks about an interview. I asked the girls what they wanted to talk about on their page and then they wrote a small article instead. During Lesson 6 the students are to go online and look for animations. Parents, at this point, you might want to be present and make sure to turn on SafeSearch.

Verdict from the kiddos:

Leann, age 7, had great ideas but just wanted to tell me what to do and wanted me to actually do the work. She doesn’t like to wait and struggles to sit still. I realize that I might have allowed her a bit too much freedom while doing school work and we might need to work on a few basic skills.


Amber, age 12, struggled to begin, only because she is at that age where certain decisions are major life events. Once she finally had a name, and idea of what she wanted to write about the process moved along pretty quickly. She did take a some time picking out her background, again those pesky hard decisions of a preteen.


Overall both girls enjoyed making their pages.  I think we might just have a new generation of bloggers. 

Check out what the Crew is saying about Motherboard Books!Photobucket

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Spanish for You! ~ Review

Spanish for You Logo photo spanishforyoulog_zpsa3fadef7.jpgWe were picked to review Fiestas from Spanish for You! and I was excited to see my name on the list for this review. I have wanted the girls to learn a second language and I have a hard enough problem speaking English that I knew if I tried to teach Spanish I would butcher the language. The program recommends using with children in grades 3-8, but I thought I could tweak it a bit for Leann, who is in 1st grade. Knowing that there was an audio file for the whole book and it was a native speaking person and that I was being provided with a lesson guide to follow, I thought I got this!!

Spanish for You - Fiestas photo spanishforyou-fiestas_zpsa80f3c2a.jpg

ALL Spanish for You! packages come complete with:

  • soft cover book or e-book
  • 24-30 week lesson guide for the grades you need (24 weeks for G5-6 & 7-8, 30 weeks for G3-4) (PDF download)
  • self-checking worksheets (PDF download)
  • audio files of entire book (includes bonus audio of native speaker of entire book) (MP3 download)
  • flashcard/activity pictures (PDF download)


For the complete package grades 3-8 is $64.95

Or you can purchase the separate grade levels (3-4, 5-6, 7-8) for $39.95

Extra Books $12.95 each, Teacher lesson plans are $12.95.


The suggested schedule is 3-4 days per week or you could take it a bit slower if you needed too.

During the review process we received a email from Debbie Annett letting us know that they have reconfigured the placement of the audio downloads for better organization and that all the worksheets are now in folders according to grades, and that all the audio files are now in folder according to the lessons.

This was the biggest problem for us. Since we had minimum Spanish  knowledge it was a little difficult for us to use the lesson guides, trying to find the right worksheets and actually reading the lesson guide. The native speaking audio while it was helpful to actually hear how it was suppose to sound, we had a hard time actually understanding what she was saying.

We also seemed to mix up the worksheets, since they are not numbered and at that time they were not grouped in files according to grades. The changes that were made to the downloads we make finding the correct worksheets easier.

 We thought that the concept of immersing yourself into a unit study on a particular subject would make learning a second language easier. It is also nice that you can use this product with multiple grade levels. I would definitely recommend not starting this until your child is reading. Maybe this is why they start in 3rd grade!

  Check out what the Crew is saying about Spanish for You! Photobucket

“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”

Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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Pinching Pennies

Over the years I have become more and more resourceful! Looking back I laugh at myself and cry over the amount of money I have thrown away. throwing-away-money In my defense I can only say that I didn’t know!!! Now I try to save on most things but there are certain comforts that I just won’t give up and that is okay with me. I am willing to pay a little bit more for good customer service, organic foods, and safety measures.

What items do you think you can’t give up?

While growing up there were certain food items that you ONLY bought, and ironically my mother still buys them. Whereas I have given up brand loyalty, first because of couponing and then because of healthy lifestyle changes.

So my 1st venture into the money saving world was couponing. While I did really well with getting some great deals, I soon realized that some of these items that I was getting, even though they were free, were not so good for us. 292061_2378062291147_6942957_n I started really worrying about our health. Also thanks to a certain TV show the deals didn’t last very long. When my subscription for the newspapers came due, I use to get 10 papers every Sunday, I decided to not renew. I realized that not couponing I was actually saving money, now I wasn’t in the stores every couple of days trying to get that particular good deal which really ended up costing me because I would usually see something I had “forgotten” and pick it up! 

So now as a homeschooling mama, that really needs to feed my family healthier and save money and use this as a learning experience, I decided to take my search to Google. So here are my top 5.

1. Powered Laundry Detergent

2. DIY Naturally Scented All-Purpose Citrus Vinegar Cleaners

3. Gardening – planting your own food

4. Composting – it really easy and helps with gardening

5. Pinterest well actually this one might cost you some but it’s kinda like recycling!!

 Do you have any money saving tip???

Check out some other money saving tips from the Crew!!! Photobucket


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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Progeny Press ~ Review

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Progeny Press is a family owned family ran business that combines Christian perspectives with  classic cultural literature. They produce study guides for literature and currently have 107 guides available. We were able to review  Treasure Island Study Guide, which sells for $16.99 for an instant download or CD. You can get the printed version for $18.99

 photo a64739513876c78eaae8f5_m_zpsc345c325.jpgWe received the instant download which comes in a PDF which allows the student to type the answers directly on the worksheet, which helps keep costs down with printing. But we actually printed the pages and had Amber work on them by herself, then she would share what she had learned with Leann and I. So that way Leann still felt as though she was participating with us. They recommend reading the whole book before starting the study guide. We read through the book before and reread the chapters that pertained to that weeks study guide. The guide is divided into 6 different parts by grouping the chapters: 1-6, 7-12, 13-15, and so forth. There is a separate answer guide for the parents. 

There are PreReading Activities to do and Amber had so much fun learning about the different types of money, she actually calculated what Daddy would make is he was paid in Quid, Fourpenny, Farthings, and Pieces of Eight.  Which to her was pretty cool!

Each part of the guide has a Vocabulary section, a Question section, a Thinking about the Story section,  and then a Dig Deeper section. Each part of the guide really goes into what you have read and makes sure that you understand what you read.

Amber liked how the guide was divided into different sections, so that it was easier for her to go back and review those chapters before answering the guide. She don’t like writing so much so the oral discussions we had helpedo make answering the questions easier too.

Recommended grades for this study is 7-10. Amber is in 6th grade and had no problem with doing the work. Leann who is in 1st grade was able to participate with us in the oral discussions and listening to the story when we read it.



Check out what the Crew is saying about Progeny Press!Photobucket “Prices are accurate at the time of this review.”


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow



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Knowledge Quest ~ Review

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This month we have been aloud reading Sacagawea (Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know) from Knowledge Quest. Knowledge Quest is known for their history and geography curriculum so I knew that this would go right along with our study of American History. We received the complete E-Book in a PDF format, the cool part of this book was that interactive links. While reading the book from the computer, I was able to click on the links and show the girls what we were talking about.

The girls had a real good laugh at me trying to pronounce all the Indian names. They enjoyed hearing all about Sacagawea’s life, they would grab their blankets, (how else would you listen/read a good book), and cuddle up on the couch as I would read to them. 224898_10200217495900265_2055582658_n Sometimes we would be so into reading that we would lose track of the time. They thought it was really funny how she would “talk”.  We even added a few project to do along with this book. Check out what we did here. This book gives an accurate account of Sacagawea’s life and her journey with Lewis and Clark.

I would recommend the book for all ages.

Sacagawea was written as 4 separate parts but you can get the complete Sacagawea Saga for only $4.97! photo SacagaweaBook_zps004a015c.jpg


Check out what the rest of the Crew is saying about Knowledge Quest!!Photobucket

“Prices are accurate at the time of this review.” 


Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow


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