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WL Journal Day 3

My typical workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday : Cardio Day – I usually walk with a friend about 3.5 miles

Monday – Thursday – I am normally at the gym. The variation is that I do 2 days of total body and 1 day of Arms and 1 Day of Legs. Which day decides on what we start with on Monday. So this week I plan to Start with Arms, so the line up will be:

Monday – Arms

Tuesday – Total Body

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday –  Total Body

Friday – OFF because of CC

Saturday – OFF because I need a day to myself 🙂


Now that you know the schedule, I plan on only updating my Journal on Thursdays 


Helpful Tip

Remember to follow you work out with fuel for your body!! Get a serving of protein and a fruit and drink plenty of water!!


How are you getting protein into your diet??




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Wishing you many Blessings Rainbow

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